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I'm Manuel Saez, a two-time founder, and award-winning designer. I write about founders’ mental health and the mindset for living a joyful life.

In this blog, I give myself the advice I wish I had received while growing up and building a business, and hopefully will inspire and help others in the process.

I enjoy tinkering and creating beautiful things, and I am inspired by the human spirit, and helping others reach their full potential brings me joy.

These are my experiences and the lessons I've learned along the way. I can offer insight into my journey and the mistakes I've made (and believe me, there have been plenty), but if you take away one piece of advice that can make your life better, that would fulfill my purpose and give me immense joy.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a young professional, or someone seeking a more fulfilling life, stay tuned. I promise to keep it real and sometimes funny, and I have faith that reading will get you thinking and inspire positive changes in your life.

Let’s get started!

Manuel Saez 👉 manuelsaez.com / advisemyself.com

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I write to help founders with the emotional challenges of building a business. In the last 15 years, I built two startups. Here, I give myself the advice I wish I had received as a founder. Sign up now for inspiration-packed weekly emails.


Manuel Saez

I talk about founders’ mental health. Two-time founder & award-winning designer. I love fixing old motorcycles and I find immense joy in helping others reach their full potential 🚀